Speech Therapy

VISIT10 dec29 369-bw-webSpeech and Language Therapists work closely with infants and children who have various levels of speech, language, communication and cognitive problems and those who have swallowing, drinking or eating difficulties. For children, Speech and language therapists use games, interactive play, and computer programs to assist in the attainment of speech related goals. Speech therapists typically work with clients:

  • Who Cannot Make Speech Sounds, Or Cannot Make Them Clearly;
  • Those With Speech Rhythm And Fluency Problems, Such As Stuttering;
  • Those With Voice Quality Problems, Such As Inappropriate Pitch Or Harsh Voice;
  • Those Who Have Problems Understanding And Producing Language;
  • Those Who Wish To Improve Their Communication Skills By Modifying An Accent;
  • Those With Cognitive Communication Impairments, Such As Attention, Memory, And Problem Solving Disorders;
  • Those Who Have Oral Motor Problems Causing Eating And Swallowing Difficulties