Social Work

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The Inspiration Center has a full-time social worker on staff to assist families with children with disabilities. Families may support in coping with a child’s diagnosis, treatment or life situation. Our social worker can help find a suitable education plan, give referrals to special services and programs and offer advocacy. An assessment of available personal and community resources to assist the family is used to maximize the child’s potential for inclusion, participation and personal development.

What Can a Social Worker Do For Me?

For each client, our social worker will conduct a basic assessment to determine the needs of a child and the family. From there, the Social Worker works closely with the entire TIC staff to provide guidance and resources for families. This support includes:

  • Aid in finding financial assistance for therapy
  • Working with schools to ensure each child receives a good education in a positive environment
  • Working with teachers to monitor the progress of students and develop individualized learning plans for each child
  • Providing conflict mediation to help resolve issues
  • Running parent support groups to facilitate a space where parents of children with disabilities can support each other, ask questions and share insights
  • Providing referrals to counsellors, medical specialists, educators, daycares, assistance programs, employment agencies
  • Offering support for management and treatment of abuse, neglect, domestic violence, rape, etc.
  • Acting as an advocate for equals rights
  • Acting as a liaison with community resources and agencies