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At our office in Belize City, we provide medical screenings to new patients, which includes an in-depth medical and behavioural assessment. Additionally, our clinic offers Ponseti Treatment for club foot, tendon lengthening and hearing screenings.

Our clinical staff is dedicated to providing excellent health care to children with special needs. We cater to patients with a wide range of medical conditions; many children we see are unable to communicate verbally, feed themselves, walk or stand on their own. TIC’s clinic is designed as a “medical home,” a place where kids with disabilities can receive the care they need in an accessible, comfortable and informed environment.

In our clinic, our vision is to provide the resources for a correct diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. By working closely with the parents of the children, we take the time to accurately assess a child’s abilities in order to make a correct diagnosis. We firmly believe that children with disabilities are entitled to the same services and family benefits as their peers. Here at TIC, we take pride in providing those services to children who otherwise would not receive assistance.