Medical Services

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Our clinical staff is dedicated to provide excellent health care to children with special needs.

We cater to patients with a wide range of medical conditions; many are unable to communicate

verbally, feed themselves, walk, stand or on their own. The Clinic is designed as a “medical

home”; a place where they can receive needed care in an accessible, comfortable and informed


Our Registered Nurse has the first contact with the children, their vital signs and important

information such as vaccination history are taken. The Medical Doctor follows with an in-depth

history and subsequent complete medical/behavioral assessment. Our vision in the clinic is to

improve the quality of the children’s lives by providing the resources for accurate diagnosis and

comprehensive treatment. As professionals, we take care to understand parental concerns and

assess a child’s abilities in order to uncover what might be happening with them. Children with

disabilities are entitled to the same services and family benefits as all other children, and here

at The Inspiration Center, we take pride in doing just so.